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Hyundai Middle East

Beautiful photos!!!


These are wonderful!

Pierre C.

Très belle série et le choix du N&B avec ce grain renforce les sentiments qu'elle évoque!



Really sad to see all these pictures. This is the impression of the Philippines to those who doesn't know much about the country. It's all portrayed what has been taken by the film. Hope the government of this country really sees the real situation and they must work so hard to change the image of this poor country.

By the way who is the Fuckin' President of this country?


Le desoeuvrement complet... total... on atteint le point de non retour


very impressive series, well done

dennis villegas

The Cubao street-sleepers! Sad images! Ironically, the darkness gives some beautiful lighting effects on your street shots!


Just curious, how late a night was this when you took the pictures.


really touching pictures !

yiannis krikis

I like the b&w quality and first of all your social comments


Works so well in BW. Tells such a story.........


good shots ....depicting the tragedy of the homeless and the disenfranchised..

Ashish Sidapara

Sad but true, beautiful documentation.


So sad and it is hard for me to imagine how these people are living. How were you able to take these photos from the shady part of the city? I am a FIlipino and I am afraid of going to these places.

Thanks for visiting my blog btw.

anyways had i known that you were in brussels, i would have asked for ice skating tutorials


These vivid pictures show a depressing downside to street living. It's hard to imagine how these folks manage the everyday needs of living. Fine series.

John Maslowski

Powerful photographs. The dark tones really create the mood in these shots. Excellent work on composing these images.


Série de photos qui viennent prendre à contre-pied toutes les autres.
Les sourires n'effacent pas la misère .
Ils n'ont que plus de valeur parce qu'ils font sans doute partie de l'acceptation de leur sort.


this is so sad...


powerful images of the lost and dispossessed. excellent work


Great shots. Just look at the irony. People sleeping in streets and wherever is available and people walking past them. Seems like the local government doesn't care much about this.


thanks for the birthday greeting. i'll drop by again soon. no time to read this post and the previous posts yet. but for sure the photos are as wonderful as before. cu!


how sad... :(


belles photos de rue, la misère est partout a ce que je vois


Thoughts provoking images today, but this is reality isn't it!


Elles ne sont pas faciles à regarder aujourd'hui tes belles photos ! JP

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